Week 2 Recap + Week 3 Plan

Good evening friends! Sorry this post is a little late. Here’s the recap of Week 2!


9th-bar-coffee-cup         9th-bar-coffee-co

What a lovely day. Boyfriend and I spent some time being tourists in our own little town. We had delicious bagel sandwiches from a local shop, craft coffee, and even visited a tiny brewery that had only been open for 9 weeks! Back at home, he started on some homework and I worked on the blog while we watched The Crown on Netflix. The weather turned bad in the late afternoon, so I didn’t make it to the gym or the grocery store. Instead, I grabbed my BOSU ball and some resistance bands and did a quick workout in the garage.

  • Brunch: Black coffee and an egg and cheese sandwich on an everything bagel with jalapeño cream cheese added*
  • Snack: Natural popcorn and unsweetened applesauce with some cinnamon added
  • Dinner: Ranch roasted potatoes, half a peanut butter sandwich
  • Dessert: A slice of dutch apple pie
  • Workout:

    Circuit 1


    Alternating Pushups



    Chest Press



    Resistance Bands
    Crossover Punches



    Resistance Bands

    Circuit 2

    V Ups



    Russian Twists



    Circuit 3


    Tricep Dips



    Tricep Kickbacks



    Resistance Bands




Work work work work work work. And 3 v 3 hockey. And then Chili’s. It was a tradition to go to Chili’s after hockey when my boyfriend didn’t have Monday classes. Now he’s back to being free Monday nights so we’re back to our little date night.

  • Breakfast: Black coffee and a rice cake with PB2
  • Lunch: Quinoa, black bean, and onion stuffed pepper and an avocado
  • Snacks: Dark chocolate and unsweetened applesauce
  • Dinner: Chili’s Nachos (I asked the for the white spinach queso instead of the skillet queso)


Tuesday was not a great day. I survived on a strawberry poptart and apple pie. I also did not make it to the gym.


Another very busy day at work, but I ate a little better (or at least more) than Tuesday. I roasted my butternut squash so I can make the risotto Thursday after going to the gym.

  • Breakfast: Black coffee
  • Lunch: Greek yogurt, chia seeds, and thawed frozen berries
  • Dinner: Frozen 4 cheese pizza (I put away about half of one)
  • Snacks: Mini babybel cheese, a heath bar cookie, and a banana (because leg cramps are the worst)


After work on Thursday, I had dinner with a good friend. We went to a local sushi place that had an awesome sushi happy hour special.

  • Breakfast: Black coffee
  • Lunch: Strawberry Poptarts
  • Dinner: Sushi! I had a full veggie roll with asparagus, avocado, carrots, cucumbers, and scallions. I also had half of a spicy tuna roll, because I was craving spice. It also had cucumber, smelt, and scallions.



Day 4 of not having a real lunch at work. It’s a habit that I’m really hoping to break next week. We hung out with some friends and had dinner at a Californian coastal grill, Zim Zari.

  • Breakfast: Black coffee and cheerios with almond milk
  • Snack: Half of a peanut butter sandwich with unsweetened applesauce (with extra cinnamon added in as usual!)
  • Dinner: Veggie and bean burrito smothered in cheese with a side of sweet potato tots. SO TASTY.

zim zari.jpg


We slept in late and enjoyed a lazy Saturday. I was in PJs pretty much all day, then I went and got my nails done with my parents before my hockey game. My mom takes my dad for pedicures often. He’s really ticklish on his feet, so it was an funny to watch.

  • Breakfast: Black coffee and low fat, whole wheat waffles with peanut butter on one and jelly on the other
  • Lunch: Mexican fried eggs on hummus toast
  • Snack: Cheerios and almond milk and the small amount of leftovers of last night’s veggie burrito
  • Dinner: Taco Bus was closed after my game (such a disappointment!) so I settled for Taco Bell. That is a mistake I’ll be avoiding for a while as it upset my stomach a bit.

So obviously I skipped a number of gym days. I’ll let you guys in on a little secret: it was a super stressful week that probably could have actually been made better if I had gone to the gym. It’s a struggle to get over the, “UGH I don’t want to do it! I just want to go sit on the couch!” But once I manage that, I know it’ll help.

That’s it for the recap, friends! Let’s be real, Week 3‘s plan is to repeat week 2 and ACTUALLY stick to it. I already have the groceries (I went one night after work), so I should be good to continue on the path. I might throw in a healthified egg salad sandwich or two in the mix for lunch to make up for the stuffed peppers that I’ve already eaten. It’s easy and delicious.

What are you secrets to staying on track?


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