Weekly Recap + Italian Flag Veggies Recipe

Happy weekend, all!

I, for one, am thrilled that it’s the weekend. Or at least I was until my cat woke me up at 6:30 this morning…


On a high note, I managed some form of workout at least 4 days this week! I hit the gym Wednesday morning, played hockey on Thursday and Saturday, and broke down an event set up at work on Friday. I was so sore after putting away all the tables, chairs, and large pieces of vinyl flooring we put out to cover our gym floor. It was a lot of work in a little time, so I’m counting it as a cardio/weight lifting session, damn it!


I’ve also gotten a little better this week about writing down my meals. I’m trying to write it into my bullet journal now with a short blurb about how I feel as well. I’m trying to make sure I eat enough of the right foods, but I think only my body can really tell me how it feels about the sustenance I’m getting. Let’s get on to the recap, shall we?

Meal Recap

Monday and Tuesday I hardly wrote anything down, but here’s the rest of the week!


  • Breakfast: Protein coffee, Belvita blueberry crisps
  • Snack: Strawberry Greek yogurt and a cheese stick
  • Dinner: Baked potato, chik’n patty, and Italian flag veggies (quick recipe below!)


  • Breakfast: Protein coffee, cottage cheese with mixed berries
  • Snack: Cheese stick, Kind bar, Cheez-Its and guac, and Belvita crisps
  • Dinner: Keema pattice (I don’t care that I’m a vegetarian. When my sister-in-law’s mom makes keema pattice, I’m eating it!) with ketchup and half a Gatorade


  • Breakfast: Coffee, 1/2 Belvita package, 1/2 Smores poptart package (I shared with a co-worker during our training)
  • Lunch: 1/2 veggie sub, 1 bag of cheddar Sun Chips, 2 chocolate chip cookies, 1/2 cup Coke
  • Snack: Cheese stick
  • Dinner: Chocolate almond cereal with almond milk


  • Breakfast: Coffee, plain Greek yogurt, peaches
  • Snack: Veggie chips

Italian Flag Veggies

Italian flag veggies are one of my favorite things my mom used to make for us when my brother and I were younger. It’s so simple and quick, but makes a wonderful side dish. I made a huge pan of it the other night.

  • 2 zucchini
  • 2 yellow squash
  • 3 plum tomatoes
  • Bread crumbs
  • Parmesan cheese

Preheat the over to 400º. I lined a cookie sheet with foil and sliced my veggies into rounds about 1/4 of an inch thick. I basically made stripes on the pan with the veggies; a line of yellow squash, then a line of zucchini, then a line of tomatoes, then start over with the yellow squash… You get the idea. Once those were laid out, I covered each round with bread crumbs and parmesan cheese. I baked this for about 20 minutes and it comes out all melty, but kind of crispy, and so so yummy.

What is your favorite childhood side dish?


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