So I Bought a Fitbit + Seminole Heights Travelog

Happy Wednesday everyone! I thought it would be a nice break to the week to FINALLY upload my travelog for Seminole Heights.

Before we hop into that, though, I have some kind of exciting news! I bought a Fitbit! I’ve spent the last few days looking at different fitness trackers to help me take my health more seriously and track my workouts more effectively. I’m hoping it’ll help keep me on track better, understand my sleeping habits better, and hydrate more often. I really debated between a Fitbit or an Apple Watch. In the end, I went with the Fitbit Charge 2 based on the better accuracy on its functions according to all the reviews. It’ll be arriving in a few days, so check back for updates on how I use it and like it!

Seminole Heights Travelog

If you live in Florida, you may recognize Seminole Heights as the home of the Lowry Park Zoo. It’s also home to some really amazing restaurants and shops that John and I discovered last Saturday.


We started the morning with breakfast and coffee at Spaddy’s Coffee Co. It’s this little, rustic, permanent food truck that sits in a beautiful alleyway beside a Cuban bread shop. They brew their own coffee and their breakfast sandwiches are made on, you guessed it, Cuban bread. It’s heart eye emoji worthy.

I ordered a Florentine sandwich with tomato, spinach, egg, and cheese. John had a breakfast Cuban sandwich. We both had iced coffee, but I drank mine black. It was a bit ambitious to avoid cream or sugar as the coffee was quite strong, though the taste got better and better with each sip.


On the other side of Spaddy’s was a cute vintage furniture store called the Vintage Post Marketplace. John and I wandered around there for a while, but didn’t find much to buy. They had some really interesting pieces from the 60’s and 70’s as well as secondhand clothing and shoes. We also found a really classy framed photo of John F. Kennedy that I tried to convince John he needed, but we ultimately left it behind.

We were still relatively full from breakfast, so lunch was a quick stop to Publix for some snacks. I had a little protein pack with a hard boiled egg, sunflower butter, gluten-free crackers, apple slices, and cheese. Initially, it sounds kind of boring, but it’s actually one of my favorite quick lunches! It’s filling and healthy.

After lunch, we walked to Jug and Bottle, a local craft beer store, in search of a small Easter gift for a family member (and to get a bit of exercise). While we did not find an appropriate gift, it was a neat store to peruse. Their website boasts they have over 500 bottles in store and six rotating taps, so it’s a bit of a store and bar in one. They also sell specialty coffee, chocolates, and jam spreads.

Dinner was another adventure. We went to this place called The Front Porch and ate dinner on… the front porch… heh… ANYWAY, I had some delicious nachos with black beans and all kinds of veggies smothered in cheese. John had a bleu cheese and bacon burger. He let me have a small taste and I almost died and went to heaven, it was that good.

Front Porch Nachos.jpg

After dinner we ventured out to Hyde Park Village, an area of South Tampa off of Swann Avenue that has a bunch of little shops and restaurants. We specifically went for Sur la Table in search of that Easter gift I mentioned above. Amongst all of the fun kitchen gadgets, we found exactly what we needed (we went practical with a pizza cutter and new measuring cups and spoons) and headed back to Seminole Heights for dessert. I had heard of an gourmet ice cream shop that I was dying to try, so we popped into Revolution Ice Cream.

Oh man was it good. John and I both had Oreo ice cream, but I went for the sundae version and added fudge, whipped cream, and Oreo crumbles. Hey, I was on a mini stay-cation; don’t give me those judgey eyes!

Oreo Sundae Revolution.jpg

All in all, Seminole Heights is a really neat area that has some amazing food and interesting shopping. I can’t wait to go back and try some of the other places we missed!

Have you ever been to Seminole Heights? What was your favorite part?


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